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Sunday, December 27, 2009


We are hearing different reasons why we must pass this health reform bill.  1. There is a crisis and if we don't pass the bill, we will go bankrupt (things are unsustainable). 

There are many hidden aspects to this bill, which is not being discussed in a transparent manner (which our esteemed President assured us.)"that things would be different in D.C. if he were elected"

2. If  the bill is passed costs will go up as well, including increases in premiums of a significant amount to cover the new insured,, who were previously uninsurable, or excluded to due pre-existing conditions.

3. Additional taxes will go into effect several  years before any benefits or changes will be made to coverage.

"Quick, pass the bill before anyone can read it and really understand the profound effect it will have not only on health care, but every business, and person who is insured. "What will be the ripple effect on health care costs, provider availability, and hospital survival? 

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