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A few simple solutions:  Are we up to it?


From the California Health Care Foundation: Another simple solution.

Gubernatorial Candidate Campbell Offers Health Plan for California

OBAMA   LIES??     or perhaps to put it more gently, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT.

Recently in MedPolitics,     EvanMadianosMD    -discuses's the producers of health care.

The largest problem in our health cares system is....the uninsured. 

Physicians when they come across uninsured patients feel great angst that they cannot order tests, or do appropriate indicated procedures for a patient.  This perhaps is the greatest stress of today's medicine.  This is the reason many physicians chose to work for the VA, Military System,,, or large prepaid groups such As Kaiser Permanente, the patients are pre screened already and there is no doubt for the physicians that they will be able to provide quality care.

Lumping our present health system into the  supposed evils of capitalism, greed and avarice does a great disservice to all physicians and hospitals.  We have been thrown into an atmosphere of rhetoric not by our actions but the misappropriation of slick  phrases and comparisons to the advantages of 'socialized medicine in a 'new world order' of utopia.

  Few in the arena of proponents of health care reform elaborate on the evils of that system.  There is no reason our system should 'ration' health care.....physicians certainly don't do that unless they are economically coerced to do the expense of their very financial survival.


Dr  EvanMadianosMD  goes on further,

"In Ayn Rand's timeless novel Atlas Shrugged, the mysterious hero John Galt is a symbol of the man whose productive energy is withdrawn from the world in protest against living as the despised pawn of the state. But Ayn Rand was aware that the disappearance of the men of talent did not always happen as a deliberate act of protest; it is often just the natural outcome of any system that punishes hard work, ambition, and independent thought, discouraging and demoralizing men with those life-giving qualities. This is what some people have started referring to as "going Galt."

If we accept such a system in the medical profession, we could find ourselves paging Dr. Galt—and getting no answer. "


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