Monday, September 14, 2009

It's True, It's True


I wanted to thank all of you who attended the recent 'golden llama awards ceremony, attended by  Representative Paul Ryan, Joe Wilson (you lie,  you lie)

Vice president Joe Biden, ex VP Dick Cheney,and numerous honored guests.

I also have it from an undisclosed source who prefers to remain anonymous  since (he,(she) is not authorized to make a statement) that Michelle Obama was lurking under one of the tables hoping that her husband would  receive a Llama.

Mr. Obama, however was making the rounds of

CNN, MSNBC, ABC,  Foxnews, NPR,  CBS,  CW, CNBC,  SciFi, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and his most important appearance on "Dirty Jobs".

I should also recognize Borat and Bruno



who could not attend due to other prior commitments. Borat and Bruno have made great contributions(not) to American Healthcare (not), as well.

Health Train is honored to accept the award on behalf of Thomas the Train


and will offer free transportation to the Llamas on their way to

the awardees. (please check in 2 hours early for security screening)

It is truly an honor to receive this highly coveted award at this time  in my life.

It will occupy the last remaining space on my office wall,

in lieu of any board recertification certificates.


I shall honor and treasure this award, and will submit it on my next log of CME credits....(How many CME credits do I get for it?)

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