Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Value, Security, Beauty and Elegance

Mark Smith, CEO California Health Care Foundation, (video link)  spoke at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference meeting in June.


Comparisons between Richard Nixon’s Health Reform Proposals and Obama’s described by Mark Smith, illuminate the similarities and differences. Read what a staunch conservative Republican proposed for a national health universal payor program.

Mark Smith and the things to get ‘right’

  1. Standards
  2. How will we wire doctors …nagging fear
  3. Attributes for providers:
    1. Simplicity, Adaptability, Functionality
  4. Attributes for “patients”
    1. Value (for the patient) solve the patients perceived needs.
    2. Security and privacy issues
    3. Beauty, elegance (something ‘they want’)

Dr Smith presented what doctors and patients would like from health IT developers.

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