Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Health care financing in itself is a morass of complicated systems. Those who wish to make it as simple as possible, are mistakenly driven toward a universal payor model. What lurks behind the scene with that model is unknown and unintended levels of bureaucracy and the considerable expense of reorganization of the entire system.

It seems public opinion is focusing on these elements:

1. Eliminate cherry picking by private payers, elimination of exclusionary policies and waivers as well as predatory premiums.

2. A public option (which could be temporary) for lapses in employment, and/or insurability, or disability

3. Developing an actuarial insurance base that includes all citizens of the United States.

4. Elimination of free care for undocumented aliens.

5. Elimination of reimbursements based upon procedural coding.

6. Transparency and private oversight of government insurance plans and development of health IT.

7. Improve physician availablity for both primary care and specialty physicians by ''federalizing' medical licensure. Present state regulations amount to restraint of free trade. State licensing largely depends upon national testing standards.

K.I.S.S.  Keep it Simple, Stupid !

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