Sunday, March 15, 2009

Health Train Humor

Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.

Homer Simpson


If you want a short brief read, don't go further.  This edition will ramble, rant and rave about all things in healthcare and it's accompanying political parasites, and doctor wannabees. (those guys who could not quite get into med school, who write blogs, author medical articles, and become spokesmen for the rest of us who are too busy with patient care to have time to write much until we either semi retire, stroke out or have disablity.  Let's face it I did not go into medicine primarily to become a civil servant, although I did chose it to help my fellow man with what I then thought was my superior intellect, good looks, and the unending ability to get dates. I also thought it would never become boring.


Injection of Humor:



I am also wondering how our health insurance industry is enmeshed in  the AIG fiasco.  Are they the next AIG, and will they get bail out funds in several months?  You know that all these crooks and thieves play golf at the same club, don't you??


Admittedly I am biased about many things. One of my favorite sanctimonious and self centered prejudices is that doctor wannabes (health care pundits, consultants, hospital administrators, utilization reviewers, health policy writers, and planners, ad infinitum and nauseum in their efforts to contain health care costs actually increase them enormously.

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