Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Successful Health Train Reform

In many ways healthcare and education have taken a similar path. Education has endeavoured to equalize the playing field by increasing the number of pe0ple who are educated, thereby elevating them from impoverished lives, both economically and socially.

Despite increased spending in education, and a number of 'innovative' techniques' some of which have suceeded in their own relaively narrow segment, the effort has largely failed....left behind.

Max Ladner and Dan Lips write about the Heritage Foundation and about "A  successful model for education reform."

Parallels can certainly be drawn between our educational system and our health care non system.There  remains a large number of uninsured.

Obesity and dys nutrition abound fueling chronic diseases.

Florida has excelled in education outcomes. The tools have been a liberal use of charter schools, (300)......

— Standards and Accountability

— Ending Social Promotion

— Focusing on Reading

— Expanding School Choice Options

— Improving Teacher Quality

The Goldwater Institute elaborates further on the report from the Heritage Foundation.

Does this sound familiar?  Our government and payors have thrown more and more money at these issues in medicine, the underinsured, the medically indigent, the lack of physical fitness, and malnutrition without measurable success over the past ten years, except for some improvement in heart diseases. 

We physician leaders need to step back, out of the box, and ponder if some of education successes and failures apply to health care as well.

Health and wellness education and training needs to begin in elementary school.

M.D. O.D. also relates public education and public health issues in his recent blog, a guest editorial from ACEP by David Baehren M.D.

Evan Madianso likewise associates "affordable housing"  and "affordable health care  (brought to you by the feds. 

See   Freddie Mac  and    Fannie Mae. and yes they are still in business, have a web site and 'doing well' Thank you very much!!!

Health care needs a bailout, but we do not want it from the feds, for all the obvious reasons.


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