Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Health Train Genetic Transcription

John Hamlaka, M.D. the Chief Information Officer at Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital  has "donated"  his genome for the PGP (personal genome project.

It is now in a public space, accessible to anyone who can read AGTC code.

Audio transcript--John Hamlaka M.D.

Thought Leader #1

Thought Leader #2--David Altshuler

Thought Leader #3

I took a wrong turn surfing looking for blog material and happened upon these wonderfully informative daring innovators

Listen to the will need either iTune or Windows media player.

from Harvard Medical Labs

Episode 1- The Science of Social Networks--Audio

Episode 2- The Secrets of Aging--Audio

Episode 3- The Art of Perception--Audio

Episode 4-  And Coverage for all ? --Audio

Episode 5- Striving for Global Health--Audio

Episode 6-  Your Genome, Your Future--Audio

You may find the accompanying text from Harvard Medical Labs here.

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