Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kick your Apps off the Health Train

I don't know about you, but I have heard, written, and seen about enough of gloom, doom, and problems.  I turn our attention to some fun stuff.

Today we are offering a number of innovative applications to benefit you and your patients.

First, I would like to invite the readers to join an internet site which is a unique central control for all your social networking sites. For those of you who are of an entrepenurial bent, or those who have internet savy and web sites, this is a site with a myriad of tools to promote your web site and integrate it into multiple social networking sites. Kickapps is a user friendly site offering multiple venues for publicizing  your enterprise.  Some of the companies that are represented include: National media, Local media, Blogs, Magazines,Newspapers,Lifestyle,Not for Profit,League and Associates, Community Associations, Local and National Televison, Local and National Radio, NPR.....and more.  There is even a site that will take you to Concierge Medicine.

The site is supported by advertising, and a host of interesting links.  There are multiple tutorials for idiots like me. Exploring this site may give you ideas for your interests. My site gmlevinmd123 is there in it's infancy.  See you there at Kickapps

Warning, this is an unabashedly commercial marketing site.  I make no claims regarding it's veracity and I have no financial interests in the site, nor any of it's participants, other than my own link.

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