Thursday, October 9, 2008

Answers to the Health Train Questions

Edwin and Kevin, I have found the answer to my questions about symptoms at the  E.D.

From the WSJimage

The grim economy and quaking stock market are driving masters of the financial universe to seek professional help for anxiety, and eroding sense of identity or tips on how to deal with angry clients, the Boston Globe reports.

Therapists are seeing an 15% to 20% uptick in business from affluent clients around Boston, psychologist Jim Grubman told the Globe.

The financial crisis bruises the psyches of the wealthiest in particular because their sense of self can be so focused on making money, therapists say.

“It’s something that I call identity dissolution, their sense of identity dissolves,” Dennis Pearne, another Massachusetts psychologist, told the Globe. “The primary way they defined themselves and who they were and their values - what they can and can’t do in this world - disintegrates.”

In counseling, the rich (or formerly rich) may need to learn that who they are is more than raw purchasing power. Therapy may explore the idea of a different career or, alternatively, how to renew the patient’s motivation to compete again in the market. Grrrrr.

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