Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Health Train Express Travels through the Cloud, or should we say Fog??

What's in a name? Is it a cloud or fog? It depends upon your altitude.....and the dew point....

Sublimation....the transformation of a solid directly into a gas, ie dry ice to vapor.

Microsoft has announced it's new "Azure" platform...it's answer to Google's online microsoft look alike solutions available on the internet. They are calling this "Cloud computing".  We'll see if it a cloud or fog (vapor)  soon. Cloud Computing according to Wikipedia


This announcement reveals a major shift in software development applications for health solutions in both business and clinical applications.  Look here for more information at a later date on specifics about cloud computing and healthcare.

Our medical practices have gone from being solid business platforms into vapor at times. Is this sublimation? At one time our medical practices were a sublime portion of our daily lives.

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