Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Hospitalist Express





For most of you out there, I will never meet you. You will live long, prosperous, healthy lives. You will raise families, remain gainfully employed, go to church, give back to the community and generally live. You will play by the rules. You will have your ups and downs and life will go on. What I describe in my blog and experience in my life as a hospitalist represents a very skewed representation of America. I am often lambasted by others for being unHappy and distressed with my situation. That couldn't be farther from he truth. What I try and present to you on the Happy Hospitalist is the gross abuse running rampant in our health care system. The abuse, I believe, entirely the result of third party rules and regulations, has become intolerable for many health care providers. Enough to make many quit. The abuse running rampant by the few has also had the effect of driving up prices for everyone looking for health care security.
So I ask the question, what type of patient are you? Are you contributing to the demise of the third party model so ingrained in our current culture.

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