Thursday, October 2, 2008

Financial Crisis

The recent financial crisis has led me to invoking Norman Vincent Peale's rule"  "Laughter is the best Medicine". for my last several posts.

There has been much angst recently, some directed at others, the Democrats, Republicans, inward, the rich, the poor....and other groups such as liberals, conservatives, leftists, rightists, and centrists who refuse to take a stand on most things.

There are some great thinkers and ideas out there that I and other's read.  Compromise means giving up some thing you  want in order to reach a common goal of bettering the system overall. Are any of us willing to do that?

As far as placing blame...scapegoats are easy to find, and maybe we do need to  clean house to clear our collective conscience.

I thought I would re-post this video....seems apropos for the times upon us.

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