Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Debate


We are moments away from the VP debates as I watch Dick Morris and Bill OReilly going off in their usual directions. I thought I would squeeze in a bit of blogging....Popcorn and snacks on the right, drinks on the left, laptop where it belongs....on my lap. It generates just enough heat to keep me warm.... I am reflecting on the one hour blog carnival review I just completed.  Some of you are dedicated servants, blogging daily, having guest hosts fill in for you, much like Letterman, Leno and others. Dr. Val has had several Youtube videos dedicated to her meanderings about the blogosphere. (Red Hot Chili Peppers----"I get around" ). Dr Val, are you going to be homeless if Revolution Health get's sold?

  At any moment I expect Kevin Pho to be up there on Bill OReilly.  I am inviting Sarah Palin to do debate with Suture for a Living's Dr. Ribates. 

I happen to like and enjoy Sarah.  We have not done too well with the  politico boys and/or girls from Yale, Harvard, Wellesly College, Sarah Lawrence, and the other elite schools.  Give me a rifle and inexpensive helicopter (and oh yes, a six pack)


The debate is the words of the Terminator,  "I'll be bok"

Here I am two hours later.  The financial crisis and crisis in healthcare have not changed during these 120 minutes. It is  apparent that Sarah Palin will no longer be an issue for John McCain to prove he did not make a mistake in choosing her to be his vice presidential candidate.  It is now  up to the McCain campaign and the Republicans, indepedents and democrats  who support him to show us what they can do.

Frank Lutz's post debate focus groups all felt that Palin had won the debate.   The overriding theme was "we're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore".  The global gestalt is that we should no longer trust those who say they can lead or regulate us.  No one is taking that for granted any longer.  The regulators failed miserably, allowing less than ethical, and  perhaps criminally responsible individuals and/or institutions to almost bring down the American economy.   We in healthcare have always been suspicious about government capabilities.

Does this also apply to healthcare??  Will healthcare be the beneficiary of this revelation and public outcry? I think as physicians we are responsible to strengthen this connection and mindset.....

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