Sunday, September 7, 2008

Health Train Carousel

Does anyone remember those 'merry go round' devices at the end of the railroad line that  revolved so the engines could be turned around. There was a circular table that rotated and one could select one of about 8 garages for the engines as well as turn them around. I haven't seen one lately do they still exist?



Why do I bring this up?  Well it is because our health train  engine is on that carousel....spinning and spinning, unable to get off or decide which house to get into, or turn around and go back.

Which way do we go?  Left? Obama.


Right McCain?

McCain Stay where we are? Has anyone factored in what the cost will be to make that change? Will our economy withstand this upheaval in the midst of a real crisis, failing banks, failed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and probably a whole lot more we don't know about. Hospitals failing, providers leaving medical practice and one observation is the fact that insurers are "fat" in the midst of all the upheaval with "blue chip" companies such as General Motors, Ford. I wonder why?  Anyone care to comment on that?

There I was in 1964 so pleased to be going into  medicine and not have to deal with obscene corporations, business shenanigans, enjoy caring for patients, and being able to retire.



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