Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Red Eye Health Train Express

Quote of the day:

Thanks to TV and for the convenience of TV, you can only be one of two kinds of human beings, either a liberal or a conservative. - Kurt Vonnegut


A lot of people when they get into bed at night turn on the television, and also read a book.



Me, I put my laptop apple air on my


 rub_mah_tummy and surf the net, read and research my interests in health policy reform.  There is no shortage of pundits in this realm.  However tonite, as I was watching the olympics with one eye and the proceedings on my laptop my mind forgot all about the birdsnest2 .  It was interesting that in the relays the U.S. team dropped the baton in both the women's and the men's relays.  Undoubtedly the United States had the finest track team but 'dropped the ball' and was disqualified.  Sound familiar?  One could say the same thing about our pieces it is the best health  care in the world, however overall we too fail to pass the baton, and are disqualified. 

As the evening went on I came to "The Shattuck Lecture" sponsored by the NEJM and the Massachussetts Medical Society.

The lecture is also available in a video format . It is well worth the time to watch.  The most interesting thing is that there was nothing the panel stated that physicians and patients don't already know.  Some of the proposed solutions bordered on the ridiculous and were contradictory.  I leave it to you to see the video or read the transcripts....they talk the talk, now let's see if they walk the talk.  They agree with my contention that a president should not be selected based upon his health care proposal for reform.  This will not be nor should be a presidential's up to the people and the congress.  Stay tuned,

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