Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Health Train Express is Overheating

Quote of the day:
A Hospital is no place to be sick. - Samuel Goldwyn

Medical bloggers have become recognized by some as "trouble-makers" by the powers that be.....a sure sign of increasing and recognizable influence on health care and it's reform.

My friend Dimitriy Kruglyak also known as "Hippocrates"


on the blog, Trusted.MD writes about his views on medical blogging.

Dimitrity, by the way is not a  physician. While most bloggers and others do not realize it Mr Kruglyak who has received little recognition for his "ground breaking" blog was about four years


ahead of the curve in terms of blogging and aggregated blog commentary.   He also should be credited with developing and producing the first Health 2.0 national symposium.The appearance of the blog may seem funky to all you bloggers, however Mr. Kruglyak was so far ahead of his time that he had to develop his own software to blog.

Trusted.MD  founding contributors have been Rob Lambert,Musings of a Distractible Mind Steve Beller,Quality Advocate)  Sid Schwab (Surgeon's blog), Joseph Kim,  Joseph Kim, MD, MPH. K.Cohn Healthcare Collaboration Blog, yours truly, and others.

Dimitriy makes some very interesting observations, and also how ludricous our medical societies have become and how far out of touch they are with members and non-members.

Dimitriy's unrecognized contribution was  seminal and awesome in regard to medical blogging. (I am certain when he reads this, he will be uncomfortable, shuffle a bit, and blush.). He was prescient in regards to blogs, and perhaps their ultimate contribution to health reform.

The reasons I bring all of this to the forefront is to connect his observations and very accurate predictions about proposed "regulation, and censorship of bloggers opinions". in regard to ethics and conduct.

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