Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Post with No Title

Quote of the day:
I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there. - Richard Feynman


Several comments and studies regarding the National Effort for Health Information Technology.  The Heartland Institute and the Center for Consumer Directed Health Care published an opinion piece regarding how government is failing and will establish a non working and instantly obsolete health IT network.

"Any system that is imposed today will be obsolete in five years," Greg Scandlen, director of the Heartland Institute's Consumers for Health Care Choices, said, adding, "Yet the federal government is woefully incapable of changing or eliminating outdated rules and regulations. So we will be stuck for all time with whatever they come up with today."

The Heartland Institute describes itself as a national not-for-profit research and education group that is unaffiliated with any political party, business or foundation (Monegain

  Many feel the government should perhaps set an interoperability standard, and then butt out.  They and I feel private companies would be better suited in our market to accomplish this task

It remains my opinion from the onset of the furor over EMRs, RHIOs that the best route is to go to those who already know more about networking than anyone else....the telecommunications industry.  The solution is to contract with these entities to set up this network..

Some things are better left to those who specialize in telecommunications.   There have only been a few health entities that have developed regional HIEs that are operating successfully.

Much of the work thus far has been local with "boots on the ground", with voluntary workers. 

boots on the ground

They do this as a "love" effort for health care, knowing this is necessary.  At the end of the day there are few stakeholders.  Yes there are some isolated, disconnected  demonstration projects.

There are also false illusions about making this a patient centric network.  That sounds alluring, and does peak the public interest and involvement.

Let's distill that idea down to the idea of the public setting up and operating there own  ATM network.

Patients do need transparency, should be running the business of your office or your hospital?

If anyone believes the government can or will fund these 'mandates' then I have this bridge I will sell to you for $1.00.

brooklyn bridge


We do need system changes, perhaps EMR and/or RHIOs will play a part.

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