Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Post with No Title

I need to find another title. One that is catchy and is tagged well so that the search engines rank me up there with The Health Care Blog. How does Matt do it? My ratings have never crashed,, largely because I have never soared into a  gleaming takeover possibility.  I was hoping to become  " a cult blog". Perhaps I need a better research department.  I secretly dream that readers are so enthralled with my writings, and meanderings that they are struck by 'shock and awe' and are dumbfounded into silence. Now and then I find snippets or complete ideas on other blogs several days or weeks after I post the same opinion. Are they reading my blog, and not admitting it?  Is there such a thing as mental telepathy?  I will have my legal department investigate.

Besides I have notice my reimbursement rate has declined much llike my fees for seeing patients. Perhaps a new business model is necessary, such  as:

Besides I started blogging to relax and freely associate with my writings.  Now I have to get up and first thing is read my  'prayer for the day' check the weather forecast to see if it will be 95 or 105 degrees, sunny or more sunny, and read the ozone levels, followed by reading all my relevant blogs.

I am up too early this A.M. The  blog feeds are not in, and this is getting to be too much like med school, and residency. It reminds me of morning rounds at 5:30 am walking around seeing sleeping patients (and nurses), cruising empty hallways.

I am going back to my sleep number bed, I may be back today again.

Quote of the day:
To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep. - Joan Klempner
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