Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hijinx 101

Enough gloom and doom with healthcare, medicare, universal care, dental care, heart care, bone care, who cares, an NO CARE for this week.

Norman Vincent Peale decided for the rest of us that "laughter is the best medicine".  Now that is not on  medicare part D., so Idon't know how to order it, or if it requires a special RX pad.

The sad fact is that most of you "intelligient" docs got where you are due to you ability to adapt, work hard, and check off the boxes that your teachers wanted you to check off.   Creativity has been smashed beyond recognition in clinical care.

So, to cheer you all up I am including some links to stimulate the "other" side of your brain. 

I am saddled with being left handed, which it turned out has been a boon to my career as an ophthalmologist. ( I never could play the ukelele.)

Sit back, relax on this fine Sunday morning and enjoy the hijinx of the Y and Z generation.  There  is still hope if we "old guys" get out of the way.  This one's for you....Buckeye Surgeon, Surgeons blog,Panda Bear ( I miss your blogging), Kevin MD, THCB, and more.

Revision 3.0

Future in Biotech


I am a Twit

You Tube--Healthcare

Pirates of the Healthcare-I-bean  (very funny)




Marrying for Healthcare

Remix Mayday

Light up Your Lighter

The Future (may load patient)

There is hope!!!!

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