Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Flawed SGR Formula

When more is less...............

Quote of the day:
Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking. - Clement Atlee


Usually before I start my blog writing I do some surfing around for current news in the blogosphere. Buckeye Surgeon has a few interesting links that are germane.  The Wall Street Journal blog cuts right to the Chase.  It's not difficult to see how payors enjoy playing us against one another....divide and conquer techniques which have been demonstrated to be quite effective thus far. No specialty or primarycare physicians should take glee in reaping benefits as a result of these tactics.  Remember, first they came for "them" then they came for "me". 


To quote Buckeye Surgeon,

"There's plenty of money to go around. The discrepancy in pay between the GI doc and the PCP is not the reason why health care is so expensive. The giant HMO's and the pharmaceutical conglomerates would love to have you believe that. There's a reason both are multi-billion dollar industries. Let's not nickel and dime each other. A united front is our only hope of ensuring that the backbone of the American health care system, i.e. the physicians, does not deteriorate into a collection of second- rate, infighting, backstabbing special interests."

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