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Today I am attending the HIMSS Conference from my easy chair at home.  Otherwise the lack of travel challenges, expense and loss of time away from your primary office (which sometimes are enjoyable as a distraction from the hum-ho drone of daily practice life.

This "Second Life" approach to dissemination of knowledge gives the user a very real appearance of a "symposium" duplicated in a virtual world over the internet, one of the best applications of Web 2.0

Jonathan Bush, CEO  AthenaHealth, gave a very articulate and understandable view of the conundrum that doctors and healthcare face in adopting HIT.  Mr Bush correctly states it is like hitting a moving target that not only changes direction, and  speed, but enters new dimensions.  His  presentation reveals the confusion and stress the health information technology industry faces......he offers the reader the opinion that the government is asking for impossible things now and probably well into the future, the complexity of codes, numerators,denomitators. He points out the fact that the provider cannot even get reliable eligibility information or co-pay amounts at the point of service that are accurate.  There is paper everywhere and he does not feel there will be much less paper very soon. He bemoans the fact that EOBs still arrive in paper form. 

John Hamlaka, CIO,CareGroup, Harvard Medical School

Interoperability  Labs, CCHIT, Roadmap, SNOMED,

Historical development, privacy, HIPAA is not uniform, regional differences for privacy concerns from hospital to hospital.

Security standards must address these differences.

Guidelines 10 rules


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