Friday, April 25, 2008

Health Train Express version upgrade

Health Train and it's affiliated VARs, Independent software vendors, all levels of the federal government, state governments, DEA,FDA,CMS,PMS,DOD,IHS, INS,FBI, CIA VA,CINCPAC, CINCUS, BBC, VFW, announce the introduction of  Web 2.1a and Health 2.1a .  We will no longer support ver 2.0 despite the petition signed by one health care provider and 100,000 HIT geeks.  Health 2.1a is not backward compatible with Health 2.0 and users may find that certain drivers of health care (illness, chest pain,rashes, sniffles, and other unknown issues) may not be compatible with Health 2.1a. (see KB article 45983-5098-5092-234953098a)  Please be patient, at times our server is under very heavy load due to sharing space with HALO and Microsoft Live.

We are looking for charitable donations to upgrade our dial up 56K to modern 128 K DSL.  Knowledge base articles include the relevant fine points of the user interface which will make your browsing user friendly and intuitive.

Based upon the "wild enthusiasm" and acceptance of ver 1.0 we are releasing ver 2.1a  as a pre-lease beta without charge. It will be valid for 15 minutes after download. Your authorization and download will allow us to send to you your login ID and Password, which must be ulltrasecure with at least five numbers, 10 letters (in any language) five of which must be in upper case, five in lower case, no more than three vowels and three consonants. Numbers and letters may not be sequential, ie a,b,c

1,2,3  etc.  Exceptions will be allowed for Hebrew, Aramic, Farsi,and your choice of  1.German 2. French 3. Hip-hop.

At this time only Windows ver3.1 is supported  You must file a NEMB and a waiver of exclusion from Medi-cal and assign all your router addresses  to us.

After reading the EULA  please check off if you agree or disagree with the licensing restrictions.  Your identity will be stripped off the data, so that you will not be held responsible.  Notice the "other"  check space if you do not agree with  yes or no. Move the sliding bar with your mouse pointer from 1-10 to rate the strength of your "other".

Future releases and their dates are listed below.

Web  May 1, 2008

Web  May 2, 2008

Web  May 3, 2008

Additional releases will be announced with 2 hours notice.

All  versions will be released as pre-beta

Health care providers will receive priority customer support via telephone (remember we are on Singapore  time) between the hours of 1 AM and 2AM  Monday and Sunday.

Please be certain that you back up all important files and data prior to each upgrade   Health 2.0 and later versions will not be responsible for any data corruptions or transmission of infectious diseases.

Health Train Express disavows any support, repudiation, or poliltical innuendos, lobbying activity, and/or earmarks.

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