Friday, August 17, 2007

Mike Leavitt Sec HHS joins blogger world

HHS Secretary Leavitt Launches Blog To Boost Health Care Discussion
HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt this week launched a blog to foster public discussion and exchange ideas on health care issues, The Hill reports."If I can do it justice, we will continue," Leavitt said, adding, "If not -- we won't." Leavitt, who plans to write all his blog entries himself and read "as many of the comments as time allows," said he will "wade in a little deeper into blogdom" this month.Unlike some blogs, all comments will be screened prior to being posted, The Hill reports.One day after his first blog posting, Leavitt already had received more than a dozen comments, including one that had to be removed because it was inappropriate or offensive, according to a spokesperson (Retter, The Hill, 8/15).
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