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Friday, October 26, 2018

Americans are brainwashed about Universal Care, which is not the same as socialized medicine.

He moved to New Zealand.

I am an American. In 1998 my 44 yo wife died of colon cancer after her medical insurance was not renewed because she was being treated for pre-existing condition. I lost everything to the disaster, decided I had had enough and got on a strangers sailboat at 48 yrs old. No plans just to have an adventure and clear my mind. We eventually wound up in New Zealand after sailing from Seattle to Panama. I am a clinical psychologist and children’s mental health hospital director, or was. I loved New Zealand and decided to see if could get work. I took a job as a teacher’s aide and the rest is history. Little did I know I had a serious medical condition that would kill me. in 1967 I left America because I was not going to become involved in the horrible Vietnam war. I went to Mexico and received my BA with honours. I wanted to be an anthropologist so I spend many months in Yucatan studying Mayan sites. While doing so I contracted malaria. Got over that and went on to run some wonderful programs in America. I passed my physical for residency here and life was good. in 2007 I began to get sick. That’s when I found out in a foreign country that I had terminal liver failure from the Malaria. New Zealand gave me, yes for free gave me a new liver. I paid nothing not even the 3 months my wife had to stay in Auckland while I recovered. Not a penny for travel or anything. In about 2014 I received a complete knee replacement again not cost whatsoever to me. I have had countless surgeries for skin cancer free of course.

Our tax responsibility is lower than America and my medical bills are free for life.
America you are being brainwashed. You could provide healthcare for everyone far easier than we can.
By the way, if anybody thinks countries like us have inferior doctors look up the Name “Dr. Ed Gane”. Do you know anybody that has or had Hepatitis C? Ed is my doctor. He discovered the cure for Hepatitis C. Wake up people our docs are as good and better than America. The treatment costs $85,000 in America. Here… yes totally free.
You are being sold down the drain for the gain of the rich.
My only regret leaving America is not leaving sooner.

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