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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to Save Primary Care and Family Practice.

An absolutely amazing discussion of how to transform primary care medicine, and how to stop the “moral injury” of doctors that causes them to burnout and leave the profession.

The enclosed video is supplied by ZdoggMD, a well known vlogger. The discussion with Dr. John Bender is excellent, discussing Direct Primary Care, fee for service, and the impact of increasing regulation. He discusses the credibility of current quality measures by various insurance companies, medicare and other standards organizations.

Dr. Bender estimates the administrative load requires 40 hours of time per day, which is not achievable.

How To Save Primary Care (w/Dr. John Bender) | Incident Report 185

John Bender presents an articulate description of the current state of health finance. As a member of Doctors for Patient Care he presents an alternative method for affordable health care. Currently there are formidable barriers imposed by CMS which are encouraged by myths propagated by the insurance industry.

Some comments from viewers of the video,

Placing patient care and improved outcomes first? Incorporating a holistic approach beginning with the “primary” (care) provider? Encouraging stronger and better client/patient - healthcare provider relationships? Promoting fiscal stewardship? Striving toward excellence in quality outcomes? Developing a healthcare model which is attractive and beneficial to patients, employers, insurance companies, facilities, communities AND the healthcare providers (primary as well as specialty)? Radically exceptional! As a RN with 40 years of “practice” in a variety of clinical settings, including mental health, I thank you for having already demonstrated the new model’s feasibility ... “Change for the better” ... It’s just what the doctor ordered! Hugzzz!

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