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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Are Doctors wasting your precious time in their waiting room, and then rushing you through the examination?

A friend of a friend was quite upset about having to wait for prolonged periods of time in a physician's waiting room

As a physician , what I hear most is that patients  have to wait in the waiting room for etended waits, then in the exam room like our time doesn't matter, then the doctor pops in for a few minutes.  

What do you do while waiting? Read old magazines? (if your HMO doctor even has books or reading materials in the waiting room.}

Studies have shown 'health literacy' is a key ingredient for compliance, improved outcomes and understanding your health challenges. What better time than to have planned short courses, videos, and/or interactive augmented or virtual reality presentations for patients, which are entertaining as well as educational.  This  "empty" waiting room time is expensive and wasteful of patient's and doctor's time.  This time is ideal for guided education and can be modeled for precision medicine.  Precision medicine is not just high tech pharmacologic treatment. Precision medicine implies specific and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

2018 and Health 3.0 can provide this wealth of material quite . easily with electronic libraries available and synchronized by the electronic health record to select appropriate material for patients to read, or watch

Based upon diagnoses in your EHR educational monographs could automatically be printed for reading in the waiting room.

There exists the tools to overcome these deficiencies if recognized and addressed.  Are we applying technology where it is most needed?

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