Friday, August 11, 2017

Top US hospitals aggressively promoting alternative medicine offerings

GOOP and Gwyneth: Blame mainstream media

It is easy to mock the ridiculous and potentially harmful health advice and product lines promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow and her team at Goop. Sleeping near healing crystals, lugging around jade eggs in the vagina, swilling moon juice, undergoing raw goat milk cleanses, dabbing on sex dust, and snapping photos of your aura are just some of the ridiculous treatments and remedies offered at high prices to those looking for health ideas from a movie star.

Secrets of the jade yoni

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The mocking may be a bit understated. How does this company and other equally daffy outfits pull off these highly lucrative health scams?

Note,  Disclaimer:  The author makes no recommendation as to the safety or efficacy of manufacturers of the YONI

Besides placing a YONI in a vagina, the author says this with 'tongue or Yoni in cheek' or a Yoni
Mainstream medicine is partly to blame.

Without going into much detail, who would not feel better in the setting above, whether you are at end-stage disease or in remission from a cancer.

When is a supplement an approved drug ?  Two pharmaceutical-grade drugs are being market as a drug in Russia and as supplement in the U.S. 

In addition to the drug/supplement conundrum there are a multitude of alternative treatments, reiki, vaginal crystals (a la Paltrow), magnetic therapy, essential oils, and accupuncture,

Supplement manufacturers are powerful financially and often take legal steps to protect their products.  There is a huge financial at stake.  Manufacturers have often attacked research scientists and their peer reviewed article, causing financial personal harm to them personally.

Pieter Cohen, a highly respected medicine specialist and who has a long list of peer reviewed articles has been attacked in the past for his articles.

The issues are not polar opposites.  Many patients are reticent to tell their allopathic doctor if they take supplements.  It is important because some of the supplements increase or reduce the actions of prescription drugs.  Intelligent doctors listen quietly and do not judge, offering suggestions and focused warnings about possible interactionsl

Top US hospitals aggressively promoting alternative medicine offerings
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