Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thriving After Life-Changing Trauma, w/Dr. Pete Poullos | Incident Repor...

Tragedy and a near death experience are reported in one of the latest "Incident Report", a weekly vlog hosted by Zubin Damania, known affectionately by "ZdoggMD"  Dr Z, as he is often called, and his crew consisting of Mrs Dr Zdogg (also a physician), ZPop, and the ZPups bring an entertaining yet highly relevant to the public in an easily understood format.  Even doctors may understand it all.

All of us experience these incidents on a daily basis.

This episode reveals the breadth of support necessary following a serious injury

1. Financial, personal resources, health plan, family, go fund me (yes people use this mechanism for appealing for dollars.)  Dr Poulos raised $ 150,000 dollars to cover extended physical therapy and non covered medical expenses
2  Social support, family, friends, fellow employees
3. Life-style changes, including future employment
4. Long term emotional support and physical rehabilitation
4. Grit !  This last one is probably the most important,  to maximize the final outcome and adjust to overwhelming challenges.
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