Sunday, July 23, 2017

Choosing-Wisely- for your health

"Choosing Wisely" is a compendium of one hundred and eighty pages of quality medical recommendations.

The list was compiled by specialty organizations in each field and generated by peer reviewed scientific journals.  This is the premier source of verified and credible information.

This is an extensive list of do's and don't for physicians developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and it's subspecialty organizations.

It is available in this post below.  There are a few surprises in the document,  which many physicians will not know. Some patients who read it will be ahead of their own physician. Always question why the test is necessary.  It is your right to refuse a test or treatment.

Almost all don'ts revolve around unnecessary diagnostic and/or preventive measures that show no real value.  Many of these tests, or preventive measures are done for anecdotal or fear of legal liability by omission.

All of these pseudo-treatments increase the cost of health care without proof of effectiveness.

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