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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Comatose and semi-comatose patiients are often aware of their Envionment


Your loved one or friend is lying there in the ICU hooked up to tubes, and ventilators.  They may or many not be able to respond or in a "locked in" state. Neurologists and PCPs are now more aware of this.

Families and friends are often encouraged to treat and speak to 'comatose patients' as if they are fully awake and aware of their environment.

So while you are visiting you do just that, talking to them and encouraging them to 'wake up".  However, what about during non visiting hours or night-time when staff is not available.

The story of FamilyPlug began shortly after the tragic accident of the Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi in
Japan in 2014 - an accident which left the 25 year-old racer with an extended head injury followed by a
coma and long months of hospitalisation.

A group of developers,  led by an Italian Insead MBA graduate and entrepreneur with the support of a team of French
developers, the company was able to raise important funds from an international panel of angel
investors from Asia and Europe and is about to enter the market expansion phase.

 Recent studies in Rehabilitative Neuro-Science
and Occupational Therapy demonstrate that an active community of
family members and friends around a severely injured patient, has a
concrete beneficial effect on the recovery path. Regular emotional
stimulation is therefore a key element of the treatments currently
available in the most advanced care homes. Unfortunately, the complexity
of maintaining regular contact with a patient in a Comatose or
Post-Comatose state, especially when extended over a long period of
time, generates a distance that the existing remote communication tools
cannot reduce.


 FamilyPlug targets a potential market of over 20 million users in the US and Europe
currently struggling to maintain contact with a patient in an immobilized or
semi-conscious state. Launched on both iOS and Android at the beginning of
February 2017, this App is suitable for all medical environments, including Intensive
Care Units (ICU).

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