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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Where are the Sexual Predators? | Kids Live Safe

A signifcant number of children are injured or are murdered by adult predators. It is a population management challenge.  Firstly to prevent these occurrences by identifying perpetrators, to identify where they live, and prevent them from contacting children.  Secondly to educate parents and children how to maximize their safety.

Attention is brought to us by large headlines, Amber alerts, missing person reports, and now on social media.  There are a wide variety of topics.  Sexual predators, Cyberbullying,Molestation, Pedophilia, Abduction, Social Media awareness, and online safety. offers an online eBook which thoroughly covers all these topics.

Fortunately our system now registers all convicted sexual offenders. There is a registered database that anyone can use. For parents who want to learn where sexual predators live in their neighborhood Kidslivesafe offer a search by zip code service.

It is a public health problem, one that children are  particularly vulnerable.  Educate yourself and your children.


Who are Sexual Predators? | Kids Live Safe

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