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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not enough votes -- House delays health care bill to Friday -

What a difference a day makes ?  Twenty four little hours.

Time in Los Angeles -

What's inside the Republican health care bill?

The House will vote on the legislation, called the American Health Care Act, on Thursday. Republican leadership has already made several changes to placate both conservatives and moderates, but a number of members in both chambers remain concerned. So a lot may change before it reaches President Trump's desk.
Critics have ranged from conservative Republicans to insurers to the AARP. Conservatives complain that the bill does not fully repeal Obamacare and that many provisions are too similar to the health reform law. Insurers worry that Republicans would cut federal support for Medicaid and tax credits, leaving many of their customers without coverage. And the AARP fears that Americans in their 50s and early 60s would see their premiums skyrocket and federal assistance reduced, though lawmakers are now promising to provide this group extra assistance.
Proponents of the bill say it would save the individual health market from collapse. The legislation would create a patient-centered health care system that provides Americans more choice, greater control and lower costs, they argue.
Congress seems to believe cost savings is paramount in redesigning the Affordable Care Act.  That was the proposal with the Affordable Care Act, none of it came to pass.  Will an amendment such as the American Health Care Act transfer us from purgatory?
 Should the main metrics be who is insured, and cost ?  What about the internal workings of medical and hospital business.  Can the administrative overload be decreased ?  That is where the most savings can occur. Although health information technology has gained a foothold it has increased cost due to requirements of HHS and CMS. Their goal is to use EHR to extract data for population health management.  Physician and hospital goal is to increase usability and increase efficiency managing patients and to decrease personel costs.``

Not enough votes -- House delays health care bill to Friday -

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