Friday, February 24, 2017

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The Affordable Care Act is at a crossroad.  Repeal or Amend ?  Those are terms which require explanation. To repeal the act without a replacement would be a disaster and tragic for many who have learned how to enter the system. If that were to be jerked away from them it would be premeditated disregard and further increase mistrust in our government.

Knowledgable health professionals would agree the act needs to be significantly amended. This is very possible and most likely.  Many acts and laws have been amended in the past.  Our current political divide near 50/50 with representatives voting along party lines make the task more difficult than it could be.

Resource Center for Amending the Affordable Care Act . This page will be updated regularly

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As the debate over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) evolves, CHCF will maintain a list of data resources and emerging analyses, from CHCF and other organizations, on the potential impact on California. This list is organized by the potential impact of ACA repeal on coverage, economic indicators and health care spending, and insurance market regulations, although some resources span multiple categories. Within each category, resources are organized chronologically.  

Uncertain Future for the ACAFAQs on Repeal and Replace

Our entire health system is a gordian knot of complexity and confounding regulations. It will be a challenge to unravel it without disturbing many sections that work quite well.  The most likely early amendments will be eliminating the individual mandate. which is a . tax penalty for non-enrollment in an approved plan. And despite the law many . people have been granted an exemption for . financial reasons. The law is quite arbitrary, black and white and does not allow for many who have extenuating financial or health concerns.

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California Health Care Foundation -- Health Care That Works for All Californians
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