Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wills Eye Hospital Studies Glaucoma App

"There's an App for that !

The result was somewhat surprising

All of us are aware of the cross over between technology and medicine.  Often these developments are fueled by young engineers who decide to become physicians, or biomedical engineers.

It doesn't seem unreasonable that the smartphone in your pocket could be used for medical applications, education, remote monitoring, reminders, and access to your personal health information.

The list of 'mobile apps' grows daily. A search on Googe for  Smartphone Medical Apps yields over 800,000 results.   Some of them are duplicated, however the number of search returns is quite impressive.

Someone posits the market value generously.  There are several caveats.

1. Buyers are not always consistent users. Studies reveal that purchasers often are curious and evaluate the application, but do not continue to use it for it's intended purpose, for one reason or another.

2. Reality often does not meet consumer expectation.

3. Treatments based upon the mobile app are dangerous unless the device and software are vetted by the FDA.  Some apps are considered medical devices and must be approved for an IDE(Investigative Device Exemption prior to commercial marketing

The following are key features from the Wills Eye Glaucoma app:
  • Educational videos about glaucoma, how to use eye drops, benefits of glaucoma laser treatment, and surgery
  • A tutorial on how to take a visual field examination
  • An eye drop reminder feature
  • An appointment reminder feature
  • Storage of medical information
  • Tracking of eye pressure results

from Medscape
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