Friday, January 13, 2017

Nevada woman dies of superbug resistant to all available US antibiotics

Is this an example of another growing trend how mother nature controls the destiny of earth.

Biology teaches us how biological systems control their own growth based upon available resources and disposal of waste products.

Are we synchronized with earth's biome ?  Are some politicians ignorant or uninformed about how basic laws of nature work ?  Are business interests and corporations more than insensitive about climate change, pollution and the dangers of extracting earth's minerals and carbon sources for energy ?

This "superbug" is another example of signs that humanity may self-extinguish in the next 100 years, as poverty increases in the developed nations with growing disparities between wealth and poor even in highly developed nations.

The superbugs are winning the battle against us

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Witness major refugee and forced emigration events increasing during the last ten years. Populations are risking certain death to escape inhospitable political regimes, famine.

Climate change due to known and unknown cycles plus increased waste with carbon cycle disruption. Ocean rise, coupled with intensifying meteorologic events, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, disrupted weather cycles and extreme temperature variations.

Past events evidenced in archeological  excavations show mass extinctions and migrations for unknown reasons and infectious epidemics. (Vikings, Aztec Indians, and more)

Outbreaks of new diseases, Zika, Ebola,

Nevada woman dies of superbug resistant to all available US antibiotics

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