Friday, December 30, 2016

The Most Exciting Medical Technologies of 2017 - The Medical Futurist

2016 proved to be an exciting year for providers as well as patients.

2016 was a rich year for medical technology. Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Smart algorithms analysing wearable data. Amazing technologies arrived in our lives and on the market almost every day. And it will not stop in the coming year.

The top technologies with the biggest promise for 2017

1) A new era in diabetes care

2) Precision medicine in oncology

3) Narrow artificial intelligence in US clinics

4) Driverless trucks or cars will include health sensors

6) SpaceX and NASA will realize they need a digital health masterplan to reach Mars

7) The genome editing method CRISPR in clinical trials

8) A big tech company will step into health

9) An insurance company launches a wearable sensor package

10) The surgical robot by Google and Johnson&Johnson will compete with daVinci

11) Vocal biomarkers: the future of diagnostic medicine

12) Pharma will start using massive AI in clinical trials and drug research

13) A company will make the 3D printed cast a real choice

These are all some amazing predictions.  Whether they prove to be successful or not will depend upon market demand, health care financing, and government approval. These medical technologies are in early development and implementation may be five years or more.

Don't plan on seeing these on your CVS or Rite Aid shelf soon.

The Most Exciting Medical Technologies of 2017 - The Medical Futurist
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