Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like? | Tonal, by Goodhertz

Perhaps we all should wear ear plugs at rock concerts. Try this little do it yourself aging test. What are you missing. ?

What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like? | Tonal, by Goodhertz

The link above is an interactive display of what happens to your hearing as you age normally. It is quite significant, probably due to ossification of the middle ear ossicles, tiny bones that transmit sound vibrations from the external ear to the inner ear.  In addition to that hearing loss also increases from excessive amplitude which creates an auditory nerve dysfunction.  Most of these losses occur gradually and are irreversible.

Naval Gunfire and Artillery as well as munitions cause acute hearing loss as well.  The recent spate of hostilities in the middle east undoubtedly will lead to an epidemic of hearing losses in military personnel.

It is a good idea to have your hearing tested. If you have a hearing problem it is unlikely you would notice it yourself. You cannot recogniize what is not there. Seems like a  catch 22.  Be safe, ask for a hearing test. You will then be able to plan how much sound protection you need.

 Ask your family physiciian how to get an audiology examination.  A tuning fork and whisper test are NOT ADEQUATE for purposes of detection or prognosis.   As important as having an examination to determine if you need a hearing aid is the goal of ear protection.
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