Friday, November 18, 2016

So you think Obamacare is a disaster? Here's how California is proving you wrong - LA Times

Even as turmoil in insurance markets nationwide fuels renewed election-year attacks on the Affordable Care Act, California is emerging as a clear illustration of what the law can achieve.
The state has recorded some of the nation's largest insurance choices. That means that even with rising premiums, the vast majority of consumers should be able to find a plan that costs them, at most, 5% more than they are paying this year. 
And all health plans being sold in the state will cap how much patients must pay for prescriptions every month and for many doctor visits

Donald Trumps successful election as President almost certainly means the Republican dominated Congress will repeal/amend/replace the law. Assurances have already been given regarding the pre-existing condition clause. The financial sheets will require significant cost shifting with careful analysis of where funds are going for needless regulations.

The next year will prove to be interesting. Stand by.

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