Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anthem, Cigna Have Accused Each Other of Merger Breach - WSJ

The ink has barely made it to the paper, and Anthem and Cigna have gotten cold feet regarding their proposed merger.

The blowback from the public and the DOJ, FTC are working, even without a formal filing or restraining order. In order to save face....blame each other. It's a no lose situation for counsel for either company.  What the heck, those guys are on multi-mllion dollar retainers either way...A nice cash flow for the junior non  partner attorneys for the big law firms in the health and insurance niche.  They most likely reasoned it would cost more money to litigate than to simply carry on as they are now. (that is how obscene the amount of money is at stake and how much money these companies have under their mattresses. How long is the American public going to put up with these rules that bankers and insurance companies write for themselves ? Are we a ship of fools ? Yes

Sometimes it makes me wish I had gone to law HMOs no ObamaCare, no EMRs Meaningful use, MACRA, MIPS, Accountable Care Organization, getting paid for volume, not outcomes....etc. Now that I am retired (I am young only 73 and my life expectancy is still pretty good according to the latest stats. I could retrain here at my local Western law school and make some really big bucks !

Doctors don't seem to have time anymore for Wednesday (or is it Thursday) afternoon golf..but since I am retired I do. Even though I don't play golf I am willing to give up my afternoon nap time to study for my new profession.

Anthem, Cigna Have Accused Each Other of Merger Breach - WSJ
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