Thursday, August 18, 2016

Most View the CDC Favorably; VA’s Image Slips | Pew Research Center

High Favorable Ratings for CDC, NASA, DOD; Mixed Ratings for IRS

Unlike most government agencies the CDC (Communicable Diseases Center) enjoy some trust by the nation. The department of health and human services and CMS have shot themselves in the foot so many times, that few trust the overlying political exigencies affecting their day to day operation. Ultimately congress is responsible, however the messenger is always HHS.  HHS does not make the carries out the congressional mandate and the people's will.

The public continues to express positive views of many agencies of the federal government, even though overall trust in government is near historic lows. In fact, favorable opinions surpass unfavorable views for seven of eight government agencies tested – the IRS is the lone exception. In a survey last February, however, just 24% said they could trust the government in Washington always or most of time. (See this interactive for more on trust in government.)
The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted Jan. 7-11 among 1,504 adults, finds that 70% have a favorable view of the CDC, which came under criticism last fall for its handling of the outbreak of the Ebola virus. Nearly as many (68%) have a favorable view of NASA, and 65% hold a favorable view of the Department of Defense.
While overall favorable ratings for most of the agencies tested have changed little over time, there has been a sharp decline in positive views of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Currently, 52% have a favorable view of the VA, down 16 points since October 2013. The agency has been widely faulted for delays in health care for veterans; the scandal led to the ouster last year of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.
More Partisan Opinions of the EPA, CIA

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Most View the CDC Favorably; VA’s Image Slips | Pew Research Center
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