Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Senior Learning Network

Health Train Express and the Senior Learning Network have agreed to provide content for seniors about health information technology, how to navigate the health insurance ecosystem, telemedicine, televideo and smartphone technology for health.

Senior Learning Network is a non-profit organization, providing content online for isolated seniors, for seniors living in assisted living, or in their own homes independently.

Senior Learning Network is partnered with another non-profit organization, Virtual Photo Walks

The content on the broadcasts is interactive, with multiple attendees who interact in real\-time during the two way video conference.

Telehealth and Televideo are becoming routine parts of the health system. In a previous Healthtrain Express post  we discussed


Event Schedules can be found at the  Generations Learning Web site

These organizations offer much to seniors, and non-seniors alike. They offer entertainment events for community group meetings and a stimulus for socialization for those who would ordinarily not experience it.

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This exciting series highlights older adults experiences, interests, talents, and hobbies. There is so much to share! This free series can be requested under our program section on the top of the menu bar.
A center could also put together panels on topics of interest- clean water, climate change, health care, spirituality, education,the arts etc. Whatever topic they have the expertise to present.

John Butterill and his staff of videographers takes  you on a Virtual Photowalk


Please join us on the journey.

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