Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Five Percent in Health

The Wealth and Health Divide
The Growing Gap in the United States
Between the healthy and the sick

We have all heard about the one percent that have 95% of the assets in America.  The middle class is 'dead'.  

The same is true of the understanding of health financing in America. Only about one percent of patients (and providers) have the time or in following the endless changes in this area.

 Now that I am retired I find it a rewarding activity during my day. Health IT and reform have stimulated a new interest for me.

The remainder of my professional life is now dedicated to health information technology and health reform. These are my missions in my blogs.  Health Train Express is available for general knowledge about breaking news in health research and public health.

Digital Health Space encapsulates knowledge about health information technology for patients and providers. It is essential that both sides of our equation are equal in order to maximize the tremendous potential of information technology and the use of the internet to disseminate and acquire knowledge as well as accessing personal health records.

My efforts are self-funded...a truly non-profit activity in which I invest time and some money. I am beholden to no-one, no foundations, pundits, experts, nor authority. At times I quote others or just curate content without modification. Some source articulate issues much better than I do. My linguistic style is not as erudite or polished as some. More important should be my ideas...serious with much sarcasm and some humor.

How long will this continue ?

The Event Horizon

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