Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Stoessel Report

Unfortunately for John Stoessel he was diagnosed with lung cancer this month. I pray for his speedy recovery. In the process of being discharged from hospital he complained the customer service was terrible..  His complaint was not extraordinary.  Mr. Stoessel of FOX news is known for ihis acerbic commentary about current events.

Mr. Stoessel did not specify how or if his medical care suffered.  This event by a visible 'celebrity' will undoubtedly ring bells and remove stars (*****) from the hospital's HEDIS ranking and Medicare's STAR system of measuring quality assurance. I pity the hospital CEO or the VP of medical affairs. For certain the Board of Trustees will forgo their usual free lunch to allow this item to be placed on the next agenda.

I would like to add that his physicians probably have the same complaints about provider services. Such things as having to wait for an operating room, or the constant demands for paper work, signing orders, inadequate parking,and having to wear an identification card and/or a security card. and of course being frowned upon for dissing nurses administrators.  This says nothing about the disappearance of free meals every day and steaks on Friday.  When I was a sprig of a physician back in mid 20th century I expected a full buffet spread with a chef to serve me in the doctor's dining room. This of course ocurred in Orange County California where normalcy included two Mercedes in the garage (there were no Tesla's at the time) and a beach house.  At the time hospitals were popping up in the bean fields.  Doctors would chose their hospital rounds at a time when meals were being served.

Today all of those perks are gone. The small one story hospitals are gone or have morphed into multistory hotels without customer service.  There are even chains of hospitals managed or owned by nationwide companies.

John, I would like to thank you for your objective measure of hospital quality.  I do pray for your prompt recover, thanks to modern medicine. The cost of things now just does not allow for 'customer service.' That went out the window due to cutbacks long before the Affordable Care Act.

As a very visible 'celebrity' I salute your expose. I hope you will join those of us who campaign daily for patient and provider advocacy.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue your commentary about patient experience's.

And please don't forget us poor providers.Perhaps we should invite you to a medical staff meeting. Perhaps I can assist you there. Do you have an agent ?

A fan,

Gary M.Levin M.D.
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