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Monday, February 1, 2016

Where the Leading Presidential Candidates Stand on Healthcare

Much of the presidential candidates’ discussions of healthcare center on Obamacare, but there are other key issues affecting the health of the country.

Ballotpedia is a one stop source for the 2016 candidate's position on health care and the affordable care act.

                                                  The Candidates:  Democratic

Not only are most people confused  about what the Affordable Care has done to the health system, another challenge is to understand and differentiate what the 2016 Presidential candidate's platform say about further health reform.  Bear in mind, positions will change, and  be subject to congressional actions.

                                                  The Candidates:Republican

This Health  Train Express post hopes to offer some framework for their stances. The myriad proposals and the short term effects of the Affordable Care Act add to the confusion.

Voters have many interests, besides health reform, terrorism, immigration, economy, police abuse, gun control all of which are considerable.

Where the Leading Presidential Candidates Stand on Healthcare

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