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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Health and Wellness 63rd St. Farm

Better health and wellness may be more than going to  your local supermarket to purchase 'vegan'. How about growing your own 'vegan' in a community supported agriculture'.

We all have local and/or regional parks which are common place. Why not have local government allot vacant land to community's who wish to grown their own food ? Living off the land, at least partially would provide some nutrition which could be organically grow and serve as an educational site for young people.  Perhaps schools should alot some of their land for this purpose as well. What better purpose than to provide leaning in nutrition, environmental impact, recycling and for other purposes.

In innumerable cities across America, these 'agricultural centers'  could provide healthy products such as lettuce, melons, tomatoes and other flavinoid rich foods in what are otherwise kinow as  'food deserts'  It is a well known fact that impoverished people have higher death rates, increased morbidity and obesity due to poor access to healthy foods.

63rd St. Farm — CSA

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