Monday, September 28, 2015

Dr Jay Lee Keynote at 2015 APAMSA Conference

Collaboration has become essential for progress and growth of health care. Silos are nothing new and it began with Abraham Flexner's report over 10 years ago. It is based  upon scientific approach to medicine.  Flexner's model was a sea-change in medicine creating a scientific methodology to diagnosis and treatment of patients based upon science, such as pathology, physiology, anatomy and other disciplines.

Dr. Jay Lee, President of the California Academy of Family Physicians, gives keynote at 2015 Asian Pacific American Medical Student AssociationD. Jay Leno points out that we have outgrown Flexner's model. Medicine has grown vertically and horizontally. 

Dr. Lee covers the span of four generations in health care changes. No longer do we need to demonstrate in front of the White House, we can make a presence on facebook twitter, google, and blogs.

The triple AIM has become a goal. Donald Berwick coined tthe term. Today's trainees are in a 'golden moment' of medicine. The Affordable Care Act jolted the system...not as an end point but like a lottery basket it has stirred the mix and created change and the ability and necessity of using the ACA as a catalyst.

Physicians must be at diverse industry events in HIT and technology otherwise innovators do not have the knowlege or  guidance. Expositions such as those at SXSW and the CES afford this opportunity.  Many current common place technical devices were previously shown at these forums and later adopted my medicine by a physician entrepeneur.

Physicians need to become process engineers rather than medical directors.   Medical directors follow an established framework, engineers design a new system. 

Innovation and technology are not just about shiny new things, but also "blowing up the system, and creating new ideas for the system, work flows, application of population management for individuals.  We need to create a new system capable of managing many more patients to continue to provide personalized and patient centered care..  If we do not accomplish this end our healthcare will deteriorate into an even more impersonal encounter for ourselves and our patients.We need to  change from a  health system that innovates to a culture of innovators that deliver health care.  Innovation is  not going is about changing direction.

Most of the content is attributable to Jay Lee, M.D. he is a family practitioner, President of the California Academy of Family Practice.
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