Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Startups Vie to Build an Uber for Health Care -

The uberization of health care access in the United States is a real  possibility.

Given the enormous change in the business of health, and it's rapid adoption of new technologies the trend may bein place for this to occur.  Insurers are desperate to control costs,and providers seem to have become pawns in the chess game of health care management.

There has already been a reduction in hospital admissions and penalties for readmissions. Outpatent care reigns, and that too will come under scrutiny.  The house call may return with the assistance of wearables, remote monitoring of cardiac EKG, thermal imaging and technician ultrasound, (technicians already perform these tests in office). Results can be electronically transmitted and analyzed remotely by a provider and other  certified mobile devices that measure blood chemistry, urine analysis. external photography, including diabetic eye screening for diabetic retinopathy.

Most of these procedures can be reimbursed for the service and provider interpretation. Insurers may w ish to contract directly with mobile health services for efficiency and to reduce administrative burden on  provider facilities.
Many rapid micro-analytic devices are in the FDA approval pipeline.

In the coming decade medicine and health care routines may become unrecognizable compared to today's practice patterns.

Eve Rorison, a nurse who works for Pager, conducts a wellness check for Facebook executive Kunal Merchant at his New York offices. Services like Pager are putting a high-tech spin on old-fashioned house calls. PHOTO: MELINDA BECK/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Can providers and regulatory bodies survive the change as providers and patients demand patient centered medicine.  Perhaps forward looking boards and licensing organizations will become leaders.

But don't hold your breath.  Current and past behavior runs counter to this change..  The synergy of HIT,increasing utilization, and the mandates of the Affordable Care Act will conspire to accelerate the process of change.

tartups Vie to Build an Uber for Health Care - WSJ
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