Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Most Popular Blog (As told to me by Blogger)

Every once in awhile (like every day) I look back over my shoulder to see who is following me. (No, I am not paranoid, just narcissistic). I don't rank very high in social media or the blogosphere, and I have been at blogging since 2005. Many bloggers have fallen by the way in these ten years...some of them very good. Why am I still here ? I am a creature of habit...bad ones as well as good.  After ten years of dedication, discipline, good will, offending some,  and encouraging a few I am somehow pleased that I have had a forum to collate and be creative at times.

I average about 75-110 'hits' each day. The numbers are less than what I would expect or desire. However the interesing data that sticks out on Feedjit is the global impact of my blogs, U.S.,Canada and the highest and Romania, Thailand, India, Russian Federation, Phillipines, and our friends in the U.K.

Yesterday my count was over 230. It doubled and I had to know why. It was not the content. I looked at the title "revolutionary","healthy, #wellness". I have used those terms before, but never had this kind of response. I use buffer, newsana, digg, reddit, Google + and Facebook at times. (all the SEOs and experts on social media marketing advise that avenue.

Then it struck me. I use many hashtags, my most popular ones are #hcsm #hitsm #mhealth #cms #medicare #doctors and a few others I cannot remember. Yesterday I looked at the trending hashtags of twitter. I used the highest hashtags in my buffer.



Go look it up.....who wuda known?
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