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Monday, July 27, 2015

Does Health Care need "The Donald" ?

The shock wave of Donald Trump is passing over the political landscape. The "Donald" has no patience for political correctness. He trucks no incompetence, and does not bear fools easily. Plainly he is in your face and does not accept standard answers for  problems we have all witnessed for what seems time immemorial.

I like him, his approach, and disbelieving attitude. First of all  he is a great actor, who won't allow himself to be upstaged.  If he goes down it will be with a flurry of the "Donald's" hair. All those who label him as a  fool or a 'jackass' are missing the point, and the more they label him, the more support he receives from potential voters, Republicans or Democrats.

All you politicos, Get it straight. The public is fed up with the usual committee decisions, passing of laws that are not enforced, the border, immigration, educational incompetence, a failed economic plan, and the unearned 'tenure' of our elected representatives, and congressmen and senators who don't read or understand the bills they sign. That would fail you in elementary school. So why do we allow or condone this in our representatives?

Trump approaches issues like his flagship trade mark, the tsunami-like hair style...he leads with it, it washes over you and then  sucks you down and back.

Trumps says what we all have thought or felt, but would not say out loud. We are all too afraid to do that. We might lose friends, jobs, money, family or some other valued asset in our lives.

Frankly "Scarlett, I don't give a damn !" Donald Trump
would say.

The same can be said about health care and  health reform.

Such as it is we have had a constant flow of "experts" managing our health system.. It's a bit like the ship of fools, who are appointed because of their expertise on health.  Once in command they realize how they are outgunned by bureaucrats, and politicians who are experts in deception, half-truths, believers in algorithms and who knows what else.

For Example

The Players at HHS and CMS

Which leads most of us to ponder about our gut feelings regarding the Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations, Meaningful Use, and Value Based Reimbursements.

So,  who will be the "Donald" for Health Care?  Applicants apply here.

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